Types Of Cockroach Eggs

Cockroach Eggs :  cockroach eggs

American Cockroach

Brown in colour, the Americal Cockroaches lay their eggs in holes, around sewage, garbage dumps and more.  The female lays the eggs in a damp and dark environment.

German Cockroach

Brown in colour with two black stripes. The female carries the egg case to a hot and humid place about two weeks before they are due to hatch. German Cockroaches like warm places such as in kitchens where they can nest near ovens, microwaves and in kitchen cabinets.

Oriental Cockroach

Black in colour and is relatively small and flat. The female releases the eggs about two weeks before they will hatch.  The Oriental Cockroaches like dry places and their main activity is at night.

Brown Stripe Cockroach

Light brown in colour and relatively small in size.  The wings of this cockroach have brown stripes.  The female releases the eggs about two weeks before they will hatch.  The life cycle is relatively short compared to other cockroaches – about five months.

Cockroach Reproduction

The main problem with cockroaches is their rapid reproductive conditions aided by the protection they gain from living in our homes.   Each one of the eggs contains between 20-30 cockroaches. Females produce a sack into which the eggs are laid. Cockroaches lay 14-16 eggs per sack and carry it with them (at the tip of the abdomens) for about two weeks and then lay the eggs, usually around a food source.   The cockroach eggs are brown and become darker after a few days.  The length of the egg sack is approximately 8mm with a height of about 15 mm. When the cockroach eggs hatch the young nymphs have  a similar appearance to the adult only of course smaller and without wings.  After the nymph stage the cockroaches become seniors. The total duration of the individual development from egg to adult is about 60 days.  Thecockroach lifespan expectancy of most cockroaches is about 15 months.


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