Plants That Fight Insects In The Natural Way

Selecting and planting the right plants for your garden will help you organically control common plant pests and will enable you to avoid having to use insecticides.  Your carefully selected plants will attract the good bugs like bees and butterflies whilst naturally keeping away the nuisance bugs like whitefly and aphids.  Butterflies and bees are pollinators and play an essential ecological role in our gardens.


Garlic planted around flowers may help control aphids. Garlic can also be used for repelling snails and carrot root fly. Garlic sprays can be used to repel whiteflies, aphids and gnats.


Roses can repel fleas and moths.  Roses attract bees which are beneficial.


Moths can be repelled by dried lavender. That is good alternative to standard approaches and smells better too.   Lavender attracts butterflies which are beneficial.


Marigold has natural insect-repelling qualities. Marigolds repel a variety of insects and works well in repelling ants.


Mint repels Cabbage Moth.


Chive planted around the base of fruit trees may help prevent bugs from crawling up the trunks.

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