Cockroaches In Our Drains, Pipes & Sewers




Removing Cockroaches From Our Homes Begins With Our Drains, Pipes and Sewers 

Many may wonder about the connection between drains and cockroaches. Contrary to what is commonly thought, it’s not just the environment and weather which contribute to our growing cockroach populations. Although there is a direct correlation between high temperatures and cockroaches, there are also other important elements to take into consideration.

Firstly, it is important to understand that removing cockroaches from your home requires a lot of time and effort in order to do a thorough job. Spraying your home with harmful shop-bought chemicals is not the answer and neither is cleaning with bleach. Whilst pouring bleach down drains may very well be effective in routine maintenance of the house this will not help to deal with roaches and other insects especially during the summer. Secondly, if you do have to resort to chemical pest control, this should be carried out by a professional in order to avoid health complications involved with the use of chemical sprays.
Waste Pipes Are Natural Habitats Of The Cockroach
There is no way of knowing which pipes and drains in your home will contain a thriving cockroach population. However professional pest exterminators will be able to treat all the pipes and drains in your home in order to ensure they are eradicated.
Knowledgeable professionals in the field of pest control will visit your home and in the first instant will check the plumbing. They will also check openings and gaps in skirting boards, doorposts and holes which can be inhabitted by cockroaches.  These can be fixed and filled by the pest controllers at the same time. The sole purpose of the pest controllers is to eradicate roaches from your home.
The Relationship Between Cockroaches and Damp Places

Sewage is fertile ground for cockroaches due to several reasons:

A. Humidity – ideal conditions for a thriving cockroach population. Moisture helps keep the temperature constant, allowing the roaches to survive better and protect them against other pests.
b. Dark – cockroaches can live well in total darkness. Since drains and sewers do not provide natural sunlight or artificial light, it may prove difficult to identify the roaches, and locate them for pest control.
c. Dirt – Pipes, drains and sewers are full of dirt. Roaches derive their food from this dirt, so for them this place is an ideal habitat.

To reduce the life expectancy of cockroaches, keeping them away from the house should be the basic rule. Once they are in the house you need to eradicate them. Whilst the professionals are using pesticides inside your home do keep children and pets away from the area. The chemicals they use are hazardous substances.

It is important to ensure that when the pest controllers are visiting your home that your family and pets are not there. Prepare in advance and do ensure that you are aware of all relevant factors. Be aware that having pesticides pumped through your home will have a significant effect on the cockroach population in it.  But there may still be cockroaches lurking in hidden areas of your home and roaches will still find a way to get in. It’s impossible to eradicate all of them.

cockroachesNo one wants to think about cockroaches living in the drains and pipes of our homes. However it is important to deal with it intelligently and with the professionals.

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