Simple Organic Cockroach Control

Cockroaches can appear in the cleanest of homes and no matter how much you clean there is no guarantee you won’t find a cockroach lurking.  If you are looking for a way to get rid of roaches you’re lucky.  Organic pest control is the best way to eradicate roaches, keep them away and keep your family safe in the process.  There are many methods of organic pest control that will help you get rid of roaches permanently and you will find various articles written on this subject throughout this website and in this article.

Firstly, we strongly recommend an organic and natural approach for your cockroach problem.  The results are long lasting and health is not put at risk. But if you feel that chemical pest control is preferred and are determined to use this route, then in any case we would urge you to call a professional exterminator and not attempt it yourself. Chemical pest control is very harmful to the health of your family, your pets and the environment.

If you have a problem with cockroaches, you should immediately start using the following simple methods for organic pest control:

BORAXBorax is a traditional and successful way to get rid of roaches.  Borax is a type of salt and is often found in laundry detergent.  Borax itself is a natural ingredient which attracts roaches who will eat it – the result is that it literally dehydrates and dries out the roach and it will kill it.  Place bowls of Borax in cupboards and closets or where you have seen cockroach infestations.  When using Borax, although it’s an organic product, please ensure it is kept out of the reach of pets and small children.

Baking Soda

Another method used for killing cockroaches organically is Baking Soda and sugar.  Mix equal parts of Baking Soda and sugar together and place it in bowls in cupboards and closets and where roaches roam.  This organic pest control method is considered one of the deadliest eradication methods. The sugar mixture will attract the roaches to eat it and the baking soda will cause problems in the gut of the cockroach which will ultimately cause death.  Again, ensure the mixture is kept out of the reach of pets and small children.

Bay Leaf

There are also plants and herbs that can prevent cockroach invasion – for example Bay Leaves have a known effect on roaches who hate the smell.  Place bunches of Bay Leaves in cupboards, drawers and closets to keep them away.

With these great organic pest control methods not only will you be controlling your roach problem but you will also be keeping your family and pets safe.

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