Chemical cockroach control and tragic consequences

Cockroach controlA horrific story on the news just last week of a young Israeli family with four young children.  The family from Jerusalem called what they thought to be a reputable pest controller into their apartment to deal with a general insect infestation.  It turns out that the pest controller was the worst  that they could have found and he proceeded to use a chemical called Aluminum Phosphide, a pesticide which should only be used for outdoor purposes.

This story gets infinitely worse.  Due to the nature of this extremely poisonous substance, when the family re-entered the house it was still full of toxic poisonous fumes.  Indeed the apartment was so toxic that the whole family become seriously ill very quickly and all were reported to be in a serious to critical condition, sedated and on respirators within days of re-entering theapartment. Sadly two of the children, one just 4 years old and the other just 18 months, have since died.

Tablets of Phostoxin – a brand name for Aluminum Phosphide were found in the apartment.  This is a pesticide that releases a poisonous gas, called Phosphin, when it is exposed to moisture.

According to Eli Lugassi, a manager with Israel’s Pest Control Operators Association, such a gas requires all residents remain outside the home for at least 10 days after, and may only be used in private homes that are isolated.

After the family had been initially evacuated, fire fighters arrived and evacuated everyone from the apartment building, as well as from the school next door. The fire fighters worked to rid the premises of the pesticide.  The pest controller has since been arrested in Jerusalem.

This is a truly terrible story with a tragic ending. And while there are of course reputable pest controllers all over the world, we would strongly urge you to avoid any chemical pest control whatsoever if possible.

There are other ways to control pests.   We would strongly recommend fitting an ultrasonic device into each room of your home.  While we’ve all read negative reviews regarding ultrasonic devices please stop and ask yourself why.  The pest control industry is worth tens of millions of dollars a year.  It cannot afford for anybody to become green and ethical over pest control.  If everyonehad ultrasonic devices in the rooms of their homes, the pest controllers would soon be panicking and would also be out of business.   The Ultimate AT is an electronic pest control repeller which uses innovative 5 in 1 technology.  Simply plug the device into the plug socket and let it do its work.   It is perfectly safe to use around children, cats and dogs. There is no poison, no bate and it’s an eco-friendly green solution which really works. The Ultimate AT is available direct from Good Life and from Amazon, eBay and many other good online retailers.

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